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Any other MEZICK/MESSICK researchers out there? I'd enjoy a discussion about the origins of Julian Mezick, who was our first Mezick ancestor in the New World. I have questions.
  • Is the fact that he named his land Nantes really an indication that he was a Huguenot from France?
  • Could there be a link between Julian Mezick and the well-known family Mazyck who settled Charleston, South Carolina?
Information found on an Isaac Mazyck:
Born at St. Martin in the Isle of Ré 11th of June 1661 / Left France in 1685, in consequence of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes / Settled in South Carolina in 1686 / And died 7th March 1735. And his oldest son Isaac Mazyck born in Charleston 6 March 1700 Died 25 July 1770 He was many years a leading member of the Provincial Assembly and was appointed one of the Assistant Judges of the Province in 1740, / Their remains were interred at the East and of the Old French Protestant Church and are now covered by this building. This Monument is erected in obedience to the testimony directions of Paul Mazyck, / Sixth son of the latter, who was born the 4th January 1744 and died 6th June 1835. His remains are deposited in the Cemetery of this Church.
An interesting history of this family can be found starting on page 21 of this document: ... -03-19.pdf

Information about Julian Mezick:
Julian MEZICK was born about 1645, perhaps as a Huguenot in France. About 10 years after being transported in March of 1664/5 to Accomack County, VA by John TILNEY, he proved his right to 50 acres of land in Maryland. In September 1681, he acquired 100 acres in Nanticoke Hundred. All of this land he called Nantes, perhaps after the Edict of Nantes or after the city by that name in western France on the River Loire. In 1710, he deeded 200 acres of land on the south side of the Nanticoke River and on Wetipquin Creek to sons John, Jacob and Joshua. Julian's will, probated in June 1718, mentions his wife Priscilla and his children.

Julian Mezick married on April 29, 1674 to Sarah COVINGTON, daughter of a prominent Quaker planter named Nehemiah COVINGTON. She was born around 1654 in Eastville, Northampton County, VA, and moved into Somerset County, MD with her family in 1662. She and her sister Katherine may have been twins.
Shari Handley
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